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Since 1995 car manufacturers have provided transponder car keys to prevent auto thefts. Thieves can no longer hot wire today’s car ignition and illegally drive off with a stolen vehicle. The transponder, chip, or smart key contains a programmable transmitter chip located in the top plastic part of the key. The chip transmits a coded signal to the transponder in the car’s ignition which then reads the code. After receiving and positively identifying the coded signal, the car will now start. Most dealerships provide two smart keys or fobs to guard against malfunctions and loss. Should you lose one or both of the keys, you can replace and or reprogram the new chip key or fob. It is highly recommended to always to have two chip keys on hand and to always replace a lost or malfunctioning one.

Replacing Lost or Broken Smart Keys

In the Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas car locksmiths provide 24 hour reprogramming and repairing services for your smart key or fob. You can avoid going to a dealership and facing high prices for their repair services or you can save money and time by having a locksmith schedule an appointment to meet at your house or business. 

What can go wrong?

If you are familiar with Murphy’s Law, then you know why smart keys may or will need to be reprogrammed. Has this ever happened to you? You place you key fob in the ignition and the key part snaps in two. Since most of us have smart phones we can call the local locksmith to reprogram a new key. For most of the newer cars, this process takes about an hour or so to replace and reprogram the key. In most cases, the vehicle owner does not even need to have the original smart or transponder key. 

DIY Reprogramming a Transponder

The vehicle owner can reprogram their own transponder keys under special conditions. First, the vehicle must be domestic. Second, the vehicle identification number (VIN) needs to start with a 1 or 4. With these two conditions met, the vehicle owner can place the key in the ignition and turn to the “on” position to start reprogramming their transponder key. 

Steps to Reprogram Chip Keys

Step 1: After placing the key in the ignition and turning to the “ON” position, leave the key in the ignition for 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

Step 2: Before 45 seconds has transpired, turn the key back to the “OFF” position. For the second time, turn the key forward to the “ON” position and wait another 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

Step 3: For the second time, turn the key back to the “OFF” position within 45 seconds. For the third time, turn the key forward to the “ON” position. 

Next, for the third time, turn the key back to the “OFF” position, and then for the forth time and final time turn the key forward to the “ON” position. The key is now reprogrammed, so you can turn the key in the ignition to check. 

VIN 2 or 3 and Foreign Vehicles

It is also possible to self-reprogram the transponder keys of domestic cars starting with a VIN number of 2 or 3 as well as foreign cars. You just need to consult your owner’s manual. Or, you can consult with a local automotive locksmith’s service. If you are unsure of which locksmith to consult you can contact the Associated Locksmiths of America for a local recommendation.

Professional Automotive Locksmithing

How does your local automotive locksmiths reprogram those transponder keys? It is all about the the computers in your car. You car has the its own particular transmission codes stored in its memory. The automotive locksmiths accesses the specific vehicle codes and then programs the new smart key with these codes and their tablet. It only takes a few minutes for the reprogramming to be done. Only automotive locksmiths and dealer mechanics are permitted access to these vehicle smart key programming software.

So, if you ever need to replace, repair, or reprogram your transponder or smart key in the Portland, Oregon area, you can contact Clark’s Locksmith’s Solutions. They provide 24/7 emergency locksmithing service for Portland and the surrounding areas. 

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