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Clark’s Residential Locksmith team offers many services specifically for your residential needs.

This applies to owners and renters, regardless if you live in a house, apartment, condo, etc. In order to provide you with the best possible service, please provide our phone operators with all of the necessary details regarding your lock and key needs. Stop by Clark’s located at 1323 NW 16th ave #1009 in Portland, OR between the hours of 9:00 to 5:00 on weekdays. For 24 hour service, our mobile unit can be reached at (503) 374-9303!

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Most residential locksmith services can be neatly placed into one of two broad categories: emergency services and maintenance services. Emergency services include lockouts, lock repair, rekey, etc. Maintenance pertains to keeping the security of our homes in tip top shape in order to avoid emergencies in the future. It is important to rekey the locks on one’s home on a semi regular basis. We recommend annual lock rekey services. However, if is necessary to rekey locks when renting or moving into a new home, changing roommates, after misplacing a key, etc.
Garage door repair is another service provided by Clark’s Locksmith Solutions. We assist with selecting an ideal door (model, make, color, etc.), installation, repair, and maintenance. For more information on any of our residential locksmith services, grab your phone and call us at (503) 374-9303!


Clark’s Locksmith Solutions performs 24 hour mobile unlocking services for homes. Give us a call today at (503) 374-9303 to have your lock picked in practically no time! We can unlock door, closet, or garage that has a lock on it!
Change Locks


Interested in replacing one or more locks with newer locks? Clark’s Locksmith Solutions offers many types and models of locks at our store. Looking for mobile lock replacement? Call now to have a local techcnician arrive shortly.


Lock rekey is a great way to ensure that a key you misplaced or that an old roommate has will no longer work on your locks. By changing the pins inside the lock, we can cut you a new key without actually replacing the entire locking mechanism.


Broken residential locks can negate any security that they are meant to provide our homes. Locks naturally become worn through everyday use but can also be broken by improper care. Let us know if your locks are not up to par.
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