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Everyone needs a locksmith at some point. Whether it’s a locked car, door keys left on the kitchen counter, or rekeying an entire home, you’ll occasionally need the expertise of an experienced, dependable locksmith. Speaking of doors, if you live in the Portland area, you may occasionally need to repair, adjust, or better secure your home’s garage door. Eventually, an entirely new garage door may be necessary. And when doors aren’t enough, security cameras may be the answer. You’ll need someone to install and service those too.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was just one, reliable place in Portland that could solve all these problems and more? Fortunately, there is! We have the skill, expertise and know-how to take care of any personal or business security issue – from mobile locksmithing to garage doors to security camera installation and repair. We do it all, and we do it well.

Mobile Emergency Services

If you’re locked out of your car, home, or business, we’re the 24-hour, 7 day-a-week solution. And we’re just a phone call away.

Mistakes happen, and when they do, you probably won’t have the luxury of spending precious time wondering who to call or worrying when they’ll arrive. Lockouts usually occur when someone is in a hurry. We understand. When you call us, we’ll immediately dispatch one of our experienced lock experts. When they arrive, you can be sure they’ll have the know-how, tools, and experience to safely unlock your car, home, or business and get you on your way. Don’t take chances with less qualified locksmiths or part-timers. We’re the ones to trust for quick, reliable, professional service.

Lock Replacement and Repair

Locks wear out. When they do, lock replacement may be the best solution. We have the expertise and experience to evaluate your current lock, determine if a repair or replacement is needed, and fix your problem using the most secure, dependable products on the market.

We’ll treat you like family. If we can fix your problem with a repair, we’ll recommend an economical repair option that will give you the security you deserve. We won’t replace your lock if you don’t need a replacement, and we’ll never sell you anything you don’t need. If repairing isn’t possible, we’ll explain why and provide a full range of replacement options, including state-of-the-art, electronic locks. Best of all, once we start a job, we won’t stop until the project’s complete. When we’re done, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’ve made the best security choice for you and your family.

Lock Rekeying

We suggest periodically rekeying all home and business locks. People come and people go, both at home and at your place of business. All it takes is one loaned key or a few moments away from your home or office for someone to take advantage of a situation. A duplicate key in the wrong hands is a ticket to disaster. Protect yourself, your family, or your business by regularly rekeying all locks.

When you’re ready to rekey, just give us a call. We’ll complete your home or business rekeying in less time than you might expect. In fact, you’ll find the process so easy you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t rekey sooner. Don’t put off security – rekey now for fewer worries tomorrow.

Other Security Services In Portland

  • Key Duplication – If you need duplicate keys for your home, your car, or your business, we’re the place to go for quick, high-quality key duplication. We have the knowledgeable team and state-of-the art equipment to duplicate as many keys as you need, and our precision process means you’ll be getting quality keys that work when you need them. If you have a newer car, your key may contain an embedded micro-chip. You won’t be able to have your key duplicated by just any locksmith. Fortunately, we have the specialized equipment and expertise that’s needed to make even new car key replacement a snap.
  • Ignition repair – There are time when you may get a broken key in your car ignition. What do you do? You will need an auto locksmith company that is locally owned and operated to come out and repair your ignition and replace your key. We also offer transponder key replacement.
  • Door lock and key replacement – If you are in need of door lock repairs in Portland Oregon, we can help. Or residential locksmith services in Portland are here for you 24 hours a day. We offer lock installations, key extractions, and key replacement for residential and commercial. When you need and emergency locksmith, give us a call.

We’re the Do-It-All Locksmith and Security Services Company

Regardless of your locksmith or security need, Clark’s Locksmith Solutions is the place to turn. No job is too small or too large, and no request is too complex for our highly trained team. We provide the quickest, most complete locksmith and security services in Portland. Let us be your locksmith and security partner.

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