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Lock Care Tips And Understanding Portland Locksmith Services

Having problems with locks can be a difficult experience. Since the invention of the lock, it has been the premier way that people protect their belongings. However, when a lock malfunction ocurs, keys get lost or become inaccessible, it can be a frustrating and sometimes frightening experience.

Gone are the days when people could readily leave their items unlocked and trust they would be undisturbed. In fact, the use of locks has steadily increased over the last fifty years as people realize the complexity of keeping things safe from would-be thieves. This can be especially problematic in the urban areas of the country. Cities are notorious for having problems with theft and locking homes, offices, and automobiles are always recommended.

Understanding how to best care for items with locks and what to do in the event of a lock emergency is important. As with any mechanical item, locks can jam and malfunction. While not a common occurrence it is problematic.

Most often when we get a call as a locksmith, it is because people have locked themselves out of an area where the keys are located such as a home or automobile. However, lost keys are also a significant problem.

There are a few important tips that can help if you have a problem with a lock before you call a Portland locksmith. The first recommendation is not to panic. This will only make clear thinking less difficult. Remember that our professional ne portland locksmith services are available 24 hours a day to help with such emergencies.

Tips for Protecting Your Property and Locks

• Get Spare Keys Made
• During the Get Winter Lock De-Icing Protection
• Store Spare Keys Safely
• Install Deadbolt Locks in Home or Office

Get Spare Keys Made-When it comes to locking mechanisms, most of them come with a spare key. That is why it is always recommended that spare keys be left in a safe location if the primary key gets lost. It is less expensive to have a door opened then rekeyed or to have locks changed. If there is no spare key for a home lock, office or automobile, getting a spare key made up is advisable. It is also recommended that the spare key not be kept under a doormat. That is the first place a would-be thief will look if they are trying to enter a home.

During the Winter Get Lock De-Icing Protection

Have a spare canister of lock de-icer in your home, office, purse, briefcase or backpack. This is important because getting locked out in the cold is not a good experience. Moisture can get into the locking mechanism and freeze during the colder months. This can happen in almost any kind of lock. Automobiles, home, and offices are the primary locks that are known to have this problem. However, it can happen with any lock.

Store Spare Keys Safely- There are a variety of places to store spare keys. Having them with easy access to would-be thieves is not recommended. A personal safe is a good place to store spare keys. Additionally, storing spare keys in the home in a cabinet that no one is aware of can be a good spot as well. When it comes to storing spare house keys, they should not be placed around the front door of a home. It is not uncommon for would-be thieves to look under mats and planters for spare keys.

When it comes to spare car keys, there are key holders that have magnets that go under cars, and this is not a recommended place to store keys. They can easily fall out if the car hits difficult terrain or they can be accessed by a variety of other people including would-be thieves.

Install Deadbolt Locks in Home or Office- While a door handle lock offers some basic protections for homes and offices, deadbolt locks are the preferred locking mechanism to use. In most cases, people choose to install both which adds extra protection against thieves. Installation for deadbolts is not complex and can be readily done by a professional locksmith in NE Portland in just a few hours.

Homes and offices that install deadbolt locks have a significantly reduced risk of being broken into when compared to homes and offices that have only a single doorknob locking system. In fact, because of the reduced risk to burglary and theft, homeowners and businesses that have deadbolts installed will usually see a sizable reduction in insurance costs.

Comprehensive Professional Lock Services

When looking for professional lock services, one of the best connections you can make is with a professional locksmith that can provide help with all your locksmith needs. Instead of worrying about which locksmith in Portland to call for residential, mobile or commercial locksmith services in Portland, having access to one locksmith company that offers a diverse number of services for all locks can be a great relief. Our professional locksmiths are available 24 hours a day for emergency residential, commercial or automotive locksmith needs.

Our professional locksmith services include:

Home Locksmith Services In NE Portland

• External Door Unlocking
• Internal Door Unlocking
• New Lock Installation
• Repair & Replace Broken Locks
• Rekeying of Locks for Lost Keys
• Security Cameras
• Keyless Entry Accessories
• Garage Door Repair and Installation
• New Home Construction Lock Installations
• Apartment Complex Lock Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

Automotive Lock Services In NE Portland

• Emergency Unlock Vehicle Services 24 Hours A Day
• Comprehensive Car Key Replacement
• We Program Fobs
• High-Security Key Systems
• Keys with Transponder Chips
• Automotive Door Rekey
• Replacement of Automobile Ignition
• Repair of Automobile Ignition

Commercial Locksmith Services In NE Portland

• Unlock A Business
• Installation of High-Security Locks
• Commercial Lock Rekeying
• Installation of Biometric Locks
• Installation of Card Key and Electronic Locks
• Installation of New Commercial Locking Systems
• Routine Lock and Safe Maintenance
• New Business and Commercial Building Lock Installations

In Shop Services

• Key Duplication Services
• Car Key Duplications
• New Door Lock Sets
• Sale of Combination and Lock Safes
• Sale of Security Cameras and Accessories

No matter what your locksmith needs are, our highly trained bonded professional locksmith’s can help. For more information on any of our locksmith services, please give us a call:

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